Bringing education outdoors

Bringing children outdoors during class has become increasingly popular in recent years, but just how beneficial are outdoor activities to a child’s development? Debbie Agnew, Manager of National Tree Day says “the outdoor setting has a positive impact on a range of student behaviours and is all linked to cognitive function, memory, imaginative play, creativity and enthusiasm for school”.

It’s never been more important for children to get off the lounge and take a break in the great outdoors; however the benefits aren’t just health related. Research from The American Institutes For Research shows that children are actually learning more than what they would in a classroom, as outdoor education can also significantly improve a child’s:

  • mastery of science concepts
  • self esteem
  • problem solving skills
  • motivation to learn; and
  • general classroom behaviour

The latest research collected by Planet Ark shows that learning in an outdoor environment improves academic outcomes across all curriculum areas, with a staggering 77% of teachers reporting student improvements in standardised tests and enhanced performances in reading, writing, maths and science.

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