Matrial Arts Training Videos

Children and parents often ask us how they can practice their patterns at home – especially when a grading day is coming up, so we have put together these videos so you can see the patterns at home!

Remember to select the video of the belt you currently have (not the one you are grading for).

Have fun!

White Belt Training Videos

White Belt - Hand Techniques   White Belt - Kicks

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9 Gup Yellow Belt Training Videos

Yellow Belt - Hand Techniques   Yellow Belt - Kicks   Yellow Belt - Four Directional...

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8 Gup Yellow Stripe Belt Training Videos

Yellow Stripe Belt - Hand Techniques   Yellow Stripe Belt - Kicks   Yellow Stripe Belt...

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7 Gup Green Belt Training Videos

Green Belt - Hand Techniques   Green Belt - Pattern 2 - Ee Jang

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6 Gup Green Stripe Belt Training Videos

Green Stripe Belt - Hand Techniques   Blue Stripe Belt - Pattern 3 - Sam Jang

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5 Gup Blue Belt Training Videos

Blue Belt - Pattern 4 - Sah Jang   Self Defence Techniques 1-8   One Step...

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